Childcare Clubs

Breakfast Club – Mrs Barna Ahmed

The school Breakfast Club will run from 7:30am to 8:30am, at 8:30am the children who are in the school Breakfast Club will join the children on the playground (early drop-off). The children will enter through the library exit door, in the far end of the school car park (there is a doorbell for parents to use on the door frame). Your child is able to join breakfast club at any time from 7:30am to 8:30am.

The cost of the Breakfast Club will be £5 (and £3.50 for siblings at the same session).

As part of the Breakfast Club, Mrs Ahmed will offer a range of breakfast choices for the children. The choices may range from low sugar cereals, porridge (ready mix), toast, bagels, muffins, wraps, fresh fruit, raisins, cheese, jam, honey, squash and water. If your child has specific medical dietary requirements then we will also ensure we support their needs.

The cost of the Breakfast Club must be paid in advance.

You will be able to choose the day(s) that you would like your child(ren) to attend the Breakfast Club. Once you have chosen the sessions then you’ll be directed to the payment screen. We are able to offer regular slots, ad-hoc slots or even last minute bookings. BUT they must be booked through the School Gateway system.

We do not have a limit on the number of children that can attend the sessions so there will always be availability for a last minute booking. The School Gateway only shows sessions for the current term, please don’t worry we will be adding the next term sessions later this term.


If you need to contact the Breakfast Club then please use the following school email :

This email is just for communication purposes, parents WILL NOT be able to book a Breakfast Club session using the club email. ALL bookings MUST be completed through School Gateway.


After School Club – Miss Lily Farmery

Miss Farmery will work as a Teaching Assistant in the Reception Class and manage the ASC from 3:15-6pm.

Please do not worry about securing a place at either the Breakfast Club or the After School Club. We will be able to accommodate your child at either club, even at the last minute.

The cost of the ASC will be £10 (and £8 for siblings at the same session).

If you need to contact the After School Club then please use the following school email :

Your child will NEED to be registered in order to attend the ASC. To complete the registration form then please follow the link below.

There WILL BE A PLACE for your child.

Emergency contact number – 07831562295

Parents will be able to use Childcare and Tax-credit Vouchers – Please let us know which childcare voucher company you use so we can ensure they are setup on our system.

There are options to help with paying for childcare.  The link below will provide information that maybe useful.

Help paying for childcare: Childcare vouchers and other employer schemes – GOV.UK (

Military Families WAC Scheme

Our tax free ID number is  50005059585


The link below will direct you to information regarding the Wrap Around Care (WAC) Scheme.