Year 6

Mrs Bowen would like to welcome you to Year 6.

Please use this webpage to see what we’ve been doing, find examples of our work and links to tools that will support your learning in class.


What can I see around me?

To create a range of artwork based on plants and nature.

  • Why don’t you collect an interesting natural object to inspire you, a strangely shaped rock, stick or leaf for example.
  • Go online or into the library and look up artists like Georgia O’Keeffe or Andy Goldsworthy


What’s around the river bend?

To recognise and name of UK and world rivers, describe physical geography.

What lies beneath our feet?

Sort and classify rocks and soils, understand how fossils are formed.


Macbeth Workshops

The children in years 1,3,5 and 6 have been taking part in workshops with students from Reading University finding out about Macbeth.

The activities have included hot seating, freeze frame scenes in the play; demonstrating characters’ reactions; story boards, letters to characters and predicting events.




Here are some examples of excellent homework submissions






Here are some of the lessons we have done previously


Air Resistance

click on this link to see some examples of excellent homework submissions 





Gears and Leavers

Click here to see some photos of what we did in our lesson on gears and levers.





English Lessons

Follow this link for some examples of work done in English lessons.