New Year 1 – Archive 23/03





Year 1 Preview Learning: 23rd March 2020

In Maths this week, we are revising doubles and introducing near doubles. They could begin with some quick fire addition questions, varying the language used, for example What is 3 ADD 7? 14 PLUS 1? ADD 5 to 4.’ Then move onto recapping on doubles by completing the Double Dominoes and Number Shape Dominoes Activity Sheets. Then moving onto Double Troll Trouble.

The children can then think about near doubles, for example 3+4, and how to use their knowledge of doubling to find the answer. They can then complete Busy Ant Maths Book 1C page 6, and Building Block Addition.

In Phonics we will be learning the different ways of making f ( f, -ff, ph, -gh) Phonic sheets are enclosed for these sounds.

In English we will be continuing with our Topic work. Please support your child in using an information book or the internet to find out about herbivore’s, omnivore’s and carnivores. Then they can sort the animal pictures into these three groups. We have spent some time looking at underwater habitats. Please can you support your child in finding out about desert, rainforest and Arctic habitats and then completing Worksheet 4C. Then they can make an information poster with labels about their favourite habitat and the animals and plants that live there.

Please can the children complete one of the Reading comprehension sheets for their folder.

Many thanks for your continued support