New Year 2 – Archive 06/07

Year 2 home learning support for week commencing 06/07/2020

If you would like your child to light the three candles or celebrate their successes during Children’s Assembly then please email to  .

The work provided to support home learning follows the medium term plans for our Summer Term, as such the children in school will be taught the same work by my staff. The children in school will need emotional support and training to support staying safe. The work completed in school will not be at the same pace that children have been used to pre-COVID19. We will need to look at the whole child and the emotional impact that a new style of schooling brings.

The class emails should still be used by parents to share work and ask questions. It may take a little longer to respond so please be patient.

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To help support your child at home:

  • give them dedicated times for their learning (children like routines)
  • make sure your child has regular agreed breaks from work (children like routines)
  • support your child with their home learning, talking about the learning helps children understand
  • have consequences, your child does need to do home learning (children like to know the boundaries)
  • Please remember home learning does not have to be at a table with pen/ pencil in hand.
  • Take the opportunity to teach your child new skills, they may be art/ craft, gardening cooking, painting, DIY (but in a very safe environment), games (including board games).
  • Children also enjoy leading their own learning, let your child choose a topic that interests them.

Please remember though children also like time to themselves, just like adults. Downtime for many children (when they come home from school) may have been XBOX, Playstation or other computer based games. Help your child with their Emotional Wellbeing- talk to them, play with them, help them with their home learning.

Together we can do this.

Please stay safe and follow the Government advice.