Outdoor Classroom

For the past two years we have been raising funds to build a wooden lodge surrounded by an environmental science area on our school field.

This area will be used as a base for lessons on the natural environment, plants and animals specific to the local area, climate change, and conserving nature.

This learning environment will be used to provide active, hands-on lessons, which will give our children an opportunity work together outside of the traditional classroom setting.



Thanks to the generosity of several local organisations and our parents, we have so far secured more than two thirds of the funds required for this project. BSM pupils demonstrating the planned location



We now have an exciting update to share with you:

Greenham Trust have kindly agreed to match pound for pound all individual and company donations made towards our project on the Good Exchange Platform.

We would therefore like to ask for your help in the final stretch of our fund-raising effort.


Pupils demonstrating the planned location