Reception Class 2021 Spring & Summer Update

Dear Parents,

Firstly, a huge well done to all of you for the time and care you have put into the home learning I set for your children. It has been lovely to see their uploaded work, photographs and videos and to be able to offer individual feedback. Thank you also for your very kind messages of support. It was lovely to see so many of you on the 5th March and great to know that the children are very excited to be seeing their friends and teachers again, and coming back to school.

We are all so excited to be welcoming the children back into school from March 8th. Myself, Mrs Richardson and Mrs Griffiths are all looking forward to seeing the children again and to begin working with them. There will be an emphasis on making sure that the children adjust back into the school routines, and that they have many opportunities to rekindle their friendships and learn to play cooperatively in a safe and caring environment.

We will be continuing with our ‘Eager Explorers’ topic for the next couple of weeks and then preparing to celebrate Easter.


In the Summer term, we will be starting a new topic of ‘Eco Earth’: finding out all about growing plants and flowers, and how we can recycle materials to look after our planet.

So a lovely end to the Spring term and a super exciting topic to look forward to next term.

Kind regards,

Mrs Eyre

Reception Class teacher

Should you need to speak to me, please contact the school office and they will be able to pass a message to me. Alternatively, please use the home school diary to pass on messages. These are checked every morning.


WHAT ARE WE DOING THIS WEEK? – Week Commencing 14 June 2021

In Reception class this week …


In maths we are continuing with the phase of Find My Pattern – Number : Sharing and Grouping

Floppy’s Phonics –

 Stage 4 Floppy’s Phonics Revise and Stretch. This week we are learning new ways of reading the sounds….

 /or/  or  aw   /eer/  ear  eer   /air/  air  are


Communication & Language – Literacy

We are beginning a new story all about a pirate

PSED (Personal, Social & Emotional Development)


This week we are continuing to find out how we can stay healthy.


Understanding the World –  TOPIC – ECO EARTH

This week is we are finding out how plastic hurts the earth and all about recycling



Expressive Arts & Design

  • Junk Modelling
  • Recycled pictures
  • Colouring


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