Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!
We are looking forward to seeing you all next week, and hearing about all of the lovely things you have done over the Summer. We have lots of fun activities planned and don’t forget our dress up day as a Regal Ruler!!
See you soon,
Mrs Clifford, Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Warkup


WHAT ARE WE DOING THIS WEEK? – Week Commencing 24 January 2022


In Maths we are concluding our unit on addition and subtraction. We will be looking at using subtraction to make comparisons between numbers. We will also be comparing addition and subtraction number sentences to find out with answer is greater then, less than or equal to each other. A link to the whiterose booklet to support this unit at home can be found on the Year 1 webpage.


In English we are focussing on the story The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. We will be using adjectives to describe the main characters in the story and decide which one is our favourite character.

Over the last few weeks I have been working with the children on their Year 1 Common Exception Words. During the week I will be sending home a highlighted list of the words they are able to read confidently on sight. The words that are not highlighted are the ones your child is still working on. These will be in their red Phonics folder.

In our Topic work we are looking at how animals including humans reproduce to stay alive. We will be looking at how most mammals give birth to live young which they can feed with milk, and how most reptiles lay eggs.



In DT we will be making a wheel mechanism to make a moving picture.  


Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Clifford, Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Warkup



For our Stunning Start to our new topic, Year 1 have been making bird food. We used suet, sunflower seeds and raisins and hung them around our school grounds. We had lots of fun!


Year 1 spent the afternoon painting poppies, currently decorating our classroom.