Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are as excited to return to school as we are! You are now in Key Stage 2! We are looking forward to welcoming you into Year 3. We are sure it won’t take you long to settle back into the school routine. We are going to have a fantastic year getting to know each other and learning about lots of interesting topics. Working in our class this year will be myself  Miss Pruszewicz, Miss Hudson and Mrs Ahmed. We can’t wait to get to know you all and begin our new adventures together.

See you soon!


WHAT ARE WE DOING THIS WEEK? – Week Commencing 24 January 2022

In Maths this week, we will be finishing our multiplication and division unit. We will then be starting our new maths unit on money. We will be learning about the value of each coin and note and recognising what these values represent. We will also be counting money in pence and pounds.

This week, we will be sending home the White Rose money booklet. Please use this booklet to practise what we have been learning about in class. Here is a link to a pdf version of the booklet:


In English, we will be continuing our unit on warning stories. We will be innovating our class model text to create our own warning story. We will also be learning about apostrophes to show singular possession. Finally, we will be recapping the rule for using a or an.

Using apostrophes to show possession:


The comprehension text for this week is ‘An Interview with Andy Seed’. Please read the text (page 4) and then complete the questions (page 5) in your new CGP English Comprehension book. Please bring your comprehension book into school next Monday (31/1/22)



The spellings we are focusing on this week are: interest, island, knowledge, learn

Please practise these at home. You will be tested on all the words on the Year 3/4 word list each term.


Many thanks for your continued support.

Miss Pruszewicz and Miss Hudson


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