Year 4

To the new Year 4’s!
First of all, welcome to your new year group. Myself and Mr Brown cannot wait to welcome you back and crack on with smashing Year 4! We know we will have a fantastic year together and are really excited to see what the year has in store for us. Please remember your reading books as you may have to return those to Year 3.
Kind wishes,
Miss Norton and Mr Brown 🙂

Preview Learning: week commencing 26 September 2022

This week in English we will be continuing to be looking at atmospheres in settings. Throughout this week, we will be writing our own version of Narnia, looking closely at the description of settings and character development. During this week we will be using the skills we have learnt in the past few weeks and use it to create a new portal story getting inspiration from Narnia. In grammar, we will be focusing on learning how to use paragraphs to organise ideas around a theme


In maths, we will be looking at counting in our 25’s, introducing negative numbers and looking at Roman numerals.

Y4 – Place value


Please complete pages 8 and 9 in the CGP comprehension book. You will need to bring this back to school, completed, Monday 3.10.22.



The spelling we are focusing on this week are: arrive, believe, bicycle and breath. Please practise these at home. You will be tested on all the words on the Year 3/4 word list each half term.


Keep recording your reading daily reading in your home/school diary, write three comments about the book you are currently reading and make sure your parents have signed it. I will collect them on Friday. In the diaries please could you just write the page read to and how the children did with their reading (if you want your child to write a full comment that is fine but it is not an expectation).

Junior Music Festival (9th November)

As you are probably all aware we are involved in the Junior Music Festival at the Hexagon. We will be learning all the songs at school but if your child would like to practise at home they need to follow the following link and type in the correct password (Please see letter sent to parents).

The link to the website on the top-right of this page.


Have a wonderful week,

Miss Norton

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