Year 5

Hello Year 5s,

We are so excited to get to teach you this year. It has been a very strange and challenging year for us all so we are really looking forward to coming back to school and being able to properly teach a lovely group of children again.

We have been working really hard to sure that when you come back school will be safe, familiar and fun. We will have a great year together and we are eager for it to start!

Miss Thom and Mrs Parry


WHAT ARE WE DOING THIS WEEK? – Week Commencing 19th October 2020

This week in English, we writing our final draft of our hot write as well as recapping and assessing our spelling, punctuation and grammar that we have learnt so far.

For our spellings this week and over half term we will being reviewing the spellings we have learnt over half term.

In maths, we will be looking at statistics. We will be learning how to draw, read and interpret line graphs and how to answer questions concerning two way tables and timetables.

You can support your child’s learning practising time tables and reading with them. You can also use pages 37-40 in your child’s maths workbook to recap their learning in maths.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Miss Thom


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