Year 6

Year 6 – Spring Term

So, here we are – a term behind us already! I honestly cannot believe how fast it is going. Now, it is time to look forward to the term ahead and start to prepare ourselves for our May SAT assessments as well as continuing to take care of ourselves and each other. Here are some reminders for the work that you could be doing at home to help support you in year six.

Reading comprehension – Each week a comprehension from your fiction book will be sent home to complete.  We will then discuss the answers in class and try to find patterns in the way we answer the questions.

Maths – Keep using your Maths book to consolidate the work we are doing in class, or get a head start on the next week. (Timetable attached and on our website.)

Grammar – Use to consolidate the grammar vocabulary we are learning and to familiarise yourself with the type of questions in the SATs.  (Timetable attached and on our website.)

Spelling – Keep revising and learning both your year 3/4 spelling list and your year 5/6 spelling list as well as aiming for an improvement of three words each week in our Monday tests.


Please give yourself short, dedicated time for school work and additional time to relax and have fun! You need to continue to look after yourselves and give yourself time to enjoy your hobbies as well as family time. This is your last year at primary school and we want you to be as relaxed as you can be. In school, you all have the right to stay safe and to learn and we are always here to talk to. Remember, use the post it note box or talk to us if you have any suggestions, news or worries and we can help reassure you.  YOU are important to us!

Let’s do this – team year six!

Mrs Field, Mrs Warkup and Mrs Riggs.

Year 6 Preview Learning: 5th January 2021

This week, we will be introducing our topic of ‘Eager Explorers,’ thinking about people who made discoveries around the world.

Don’t forget that Friday is dress up day, where you need to dress up as an explorer and bring in some information about: who you are, your achievements and difficulties as an explorer, what you discovered and when you made your discovery.

This week in English, we will be introducing a new narrative unit based on creating suspense.

We will be thinking about how the author creates atmosphere by hiding the threat. For example:

It started with a creak. Just a small creak: a cat’s paw stepping on a wooden floor, an old barn door being moved slightly ajar…that kind of thing. And Jack could deal with that kind of thing.

Our spellings for the week are looking at adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words ending in -fer:

  • referring,
  • referred,
  • referral,
  • reference,
  • referee,
  • preferring,
  • preferred,
  • preference,
  • transferring,
  • transference.

In grammar, we will be revising expanded noun phrases. An expanded noun phrase adds more detail to the noun by adding one or more adjectives. An adjective is a word that describes a noun. An expanded noun phrase can also add detail by saying where a noun is. For example: a tree next to the house, some sweets on the floor, the castle by the ocean. You may find it helpful to login to and revise ‘expanded noun phrases,’ or look again at BBC bitesize:

(Google is also always very useful for grammar definitions and reminders, as is:


The comprehension text for this week will be from the new fiction comprehension book. The text we are looking at this week is: ‘The Perfect Photo.’ Please support your child to complete the fact retrieval questions on pages 6-7 of their fiction workbook. We will then discuss the answers in class next Wednesday.

In maths, we will be revising identifying the value of each digit in numbers given to 3 decimal places.

We will also be multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 focussing on moving the digits. When you multiply by 10, 100 or 1000, the place value of the digits change. The number is getting larger so the digits move to the left. When you divide by 10, 100 or 1000, the digits move to the right.

You can support your child’s learning by exploring question 2 on page 12 in their Maths Workbook or by looking at the following link on BBC Bitesize:


Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Field.

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