Year 6


Well, here we are, in our final term at primary school. How the time has flown! Now is the time to prepare ourselves for SATs and the world beyond Burghfield St Mary’s.  We will be thinking about transition and our next steps forward, as well as enjoying all this final term has to offer, such as: wearing leavers’ hoodies, adventure days out, a summer production, our final leavers’ service.

Reading comprehension – Each week a comprehension from your new fiction book will be sent home to complete.  We will then discuss the answers in class and try to find patterns in the way we answer the questions. (Timetable on our class webpage under preview learning.) Remember, to also read regularly at home with your parents and to complete a book review after every completed book so that you can be entered into our prize drawer.

Maths – Keep using your White Rose Maths booklets to consolidate the work we are doing in class, or get a head start on the next week. (Each week the relevant pages will be signposted on our preview learning on the website.)

Grammar – Please continue to use to consolidate the grammar vocabulary we are learning and to familiarise yourself with the type of questions in the SATs.  (Timetable on our website.)

Spelling – Keep revising and learning both your year 3/4 spelling list and your year 5/6 spelling list as well as consolidating the rules and patterns we are learning in school. Again, all information will be on our preview learning each week.

Please give yourself short, dedicated time for school work and additional time to relax and have fun! You need to continue to look after yourselves and give yourself time to enjoy your hobbies as well as family time.

This is your last year at primary school and we want you to be as relaxed as you can be. In school, you all have the right to stay safe and to learn and we are always here to talk to.

Remember, use the post it note box or talk to us if you have any suggestions, news or worries and we can help reassure you.  YOU are important to us!


Good luck – let’s adventure together for one last time!

Mrs Field and Mrs Parry.

Year 6 Preview Learning: Week commencing 23 May 2022


This week in English, we will be consolidating our understanding of the key features of newspaper reports and writing our own newspaper articles.

Newspaper reports have the following features:

  • A catchy headline.
  • An opening including the 5 Ws: Who? What? Where? When? Why?
  • Events in the third person, past tense and chronological order (with time connectives.)
  • Quotes from the people involved, using all of the conventions of direct speech.
  • A final paragraph summarising the story so far.

You may wish to watch the video and complete the quiz on the link below to consolidate your understanding of what makes an effective newspaper report:



Our year 5 / 6 words to practise this week are: sacrifice, secretary, shoulder, signature.

We will also be revising spellings of commonly used words that have an unusual grapheme–phoneme correspondence (GPC.) Some changes in pronunciation have left us with words that seem to have unexpected letters. In addition, some words and graphemes come to us from other languages, and so spellings do not have the letters that we might expect when we hear the sound of the word. If the letters representing a sound are rare or unusual, the words can be tricky to spell. Have a look at the list below and consider ways which you may find helpful to learn these e.g. highlight the tricky letters.

Fruit, guide, amateur, busy, rhythm, early, beautiful, leisure, symbol, awkward, bruise, stomach, shoulder, system, language, earth/heart, choir, scene, because, antique, nuisance, foreign, guarantee, muscle, convenience, queue, ancient, people, build, physical, rhyme, reign, sufficient, water, tongue, minute.

Please continue to revise all the words from the year 3/4 and the year 5/6 spelling lists. The complete lists of 3/4 and 5/6 spellings are in your spelling folders, on the class webpage and on the links below:

  Spelling word list Y3-4

Spelling word list Y5-6


In grammar, we will be continuing to consolidate our use of grammatical terminology. The following links gives a helpful summary of the vocabulary that you should be familiar with:

YR6 Grammar terminology booklet

Please login to and revise ‘Year 6 test F.’

(Google is also always very useful for grammar definitions and reminders, as is:

Reading and Comprehension

Please ensure you are reading with your parents regularly, with at least three entries with parent signatures in your reading diary. Don’t forget to complete a book review each time you finish your book for a chance to be entered into the prize draw.

The comprehension text for the week will be: Kite Flight. Please complete the fact retrieval and inference questions on pages 16-17 of your poetry comprehension homework book, we will then discuss the possible answers in class next Monday.



In Maths this week, we will be consolidating many problem solving skills and elements of the year 6 curriculum by completing tasks related to operating travel tours. (White Rose Tours.)

We will be reminding ourselves of the following year 6 expectations:

  • To be able to create and interpret line graphs and bar charts.
  • To be able to convert between miles and kilometres.
  • To be able to solve problems involving conversions of measures.
  • To be able to calculate total costs solving problems involving money.
  • To be able to solve comparison questions.
  • To be able to solve problems involving measures (particularly time.)

If you find an area of Maths which you are particularly struggling with, then you can choose a video from the following link to remind you how to solve particular issues:

If you wish to complete any additional maths at home, I would like to recommend taking a look at White Rose –Barvember Problems 2019.  You may like to complete the problems from 11th – 15th November which are on the link below:


Many thanks for your continued support, Mrs Field and Mrs Parry.

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We have been making salsa and guacamole. We worked hard to improve our skills of cutting and slicing, thinking about the overall taste, texture and presentation.

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