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PE– PE takes place on a Wednesday and Friday.


THIS WEEK’S LEARNING: Week Commencing 04 December 2023

This week in English, we will be focussing on grammar. We will learn active and passive voice, different tense forms and subjunctive verbs.

Spellings: The spelling we are focusing on this week are:  forty, frequently, government and guarantee. We will also be learning the rules about suffix –ture, -sure. They will bring a list home.  Please practise these at home. You will be tested on these words each Friday.


Reading; Please ensure your child is reading a quality text at least three times a week and recording this in their homework diary.

For Maths this week we will look at decimals- place value of decimal numbers and mixed numbers and round decimals.

For most of the maths this term the children will need to rely on addition, multiplication, subtraction and division; therefore, it is so important that they know their times tables facts as well as basic number facts. Practising a little everyday (2-5 mins) will improve their knowledge and help them to access the maths learning more easily this term.  Daily 10 is a great place for practising basic maths concepts and improve their accuracy and recall. It is free online, so please use the link below


  • Keep recording your reading daily reading in your home/school diary and make sure your parents have signed it. You should have at least three reads (title of book, pages read and day read. 
  • When you are reading make sure you are ‘thinking out loud’ to understand the text better.
  • The more you read the better your understanding will be and it will also improve your writing.  
  • Don’t forget to complete the Maths Multiplication check.

Many thanks for your continued support, 

Mrs Muneer

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Please encourage your children to read at home and complete their reading diaries.

Pie Corbett’s Reading Spine is a core of books that create a living library inside a child’s mind. It is a store of classics and essential reads that help children engage at a deeper level and enter the world of the story.




As a school, we adopt a mastery approach to teaching Mathematics, using White Rose maths as our core scheme. The follow links will take you to workbooks, videos and games which may be helpful in consolidating your  learning at home: 


SPAG suggestions Autumn 2023

SPAG suggestions Spring 2023

Comprehension Autumn 2023

Comprehension Spring 2023




We wanted to write to you to explain about how we, as a class, are going to help you prepare for the SAT tests in May. 

As a school, we want to help you feel prepared and relaxed, knowing exactly what the week will hold and having the skills to feel confident with the papers in front of you. Just like you would practise for a music exam, dance exam or at football training, we will look at SAT papers in advance so that you are familiar with the format, types of questions and have a chance to see how much time you have.  There will be no last minute surprises.  Remember, nobody is expected to score perfect marks, there will be questions you cannot do and you will still meet year six expectations. Any areas you are worried about, we can work on these together. (Drop us a post it note and you know we will help!) Remember, every day at school you are showing your knowledge, skills and abilities and we are continually gathering the evidence of your learning.  The SATs are just another piece of this evidence in the jigsaw of your school life.

For those of you that think extra practise at home will help, remember all past papers are online, you have access to and keep carefully completing your weekly comprehensions. There will also be links and suggestions on our class web page. If you want anything extra – just ask.

Most importantly, we just want to reassure you that you can do this.  We recognise that when some of you think about SATs you naturally feel worried – this is completely normal. Every adult and child feels nervous when they are put in a situation where they are ‘tested.’  However, like all situations when you face your fears, you will feel so proud of yourselves when they are all over. Until then, remember to take time to do the things you enjoy: go for a run, play your music, your games, take time out with family, friends and pets. Eat well and sleep well, you have got this!!! We will be standing right by your side and reminding you how amazing you are.

Team year six – let’s do this!! 

Mrs Muneer and Mrs Ahmed.



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