Year 6

Year 6 – Spring Term

What a term it has been so far! None of us could have predicted that our year would be so unusual with half a term of home learning. You all were amazing and I am so proud of the efforts you made and the way you ensured that you kept up to date with your learning. I really missed you but it was so lovely to have the opportunity to ‘talk’ to you via email every day.
Now, we are back together again, we can look forward to the rest of the term and re-establishing ourselves as part of the class and the school.  It is our opportunity now to complete our year six experience with happiness and to ensure that we meet those year six expectations. You know that we are here to support you and to help you settle successfully back into school life.
Here are some reminders for the work that you could be doing at home to support you in year six.

Reading comprehension – Each week a comprehension from your fiction book will be sent home to complete.  We will then discuss the answers in class and try to find patterns in the way we answer the questions.

Maths – Keep using your Maths book to consolidate the work we are doing in class, or get a head start on the next week. (Timetable attached and on our website.)

Grammar – Use to consolidate the grammar vocabulary we are learning and to familiarise yourself with the type of questions in the SATs.  (Timetable attached and on our website.)

Spelling – Keep revising and learning both your year 3/4 spelling list and your year 5/6 spelling list as well as aiming for an improvement of three words each week in our Monday tests.

Please give yourself short, dedicated time for school work and additional time to relax and have fun! You need to continue to look after yourselves and give yourself time to enjoy your hobbies as well as family time. This is your last year at primary school and we want you to be as relaxed as you can be. In school, you all have the right to stay safe and to learn and we are always here to talk to. Remember, use the post it note box or talk to us if you have any suggestions, news or worries and we can help reassure you.  YOU are important to us!

Let’s do this – team year six!

Mrs Field, Mrs Warkup and Mrs Riggs.

Year 6 Preview Learning:  Week commencing 22/03/2021

This week in English, we will be continuing our narrative unit based on creating suspense with a model text entitled: ‘The Nightmare Man.’ We will think about including –ing clauses as starters? (verb /adverb) E.g. grinning menacingly, laughing wildly, whispering softly, crying desperately. These could be used as possible sentence starters to help create tension. We will also be editing and improving our texts in order to ensure that we are meeting year six expectations for writing and highlighting the writer’s tricks which we have used. If time, we will be exploring how some stories can be unexpected with a ‘twisted’ ending.

Our spellings for the week are looking at word families based on common words. The words to learn are: accommodate, accompany, access, accuse, accost, accrue, accuracy, accomplish, accumulate and accentuate.

In grammar, we will be once again revising different grammatical terminology. Google is also always very useful for grammar definitions and reminders, as is:

There is also a list an explanation of the grammar terms that the children need to know in key stage two on the following weblink:

Please login to and attempt some grammar tests, try Test A and Test B.

The comprehension text for this week will be: ‘Detective Nimble and the Falcon Fugitive.’ Please support your child to complete the inference questions on the sheet which they will bring home (pages 38-39 of their fiction workbook.) We will then discuss the answers in class next Wednesday.


In Maths this week, we will be continuing to solve problems involving unequal sharing and grouping using knowledge of fractions and multiples and scale factors. For example, work out the following:

12 apples cost £1.32, how much will 5 apples cost?

3 bananas cost £3.60, how much will 4 bananas cost?

If 5 oranges cost £4.55, how much do 8 oranges cost?


You can also support your child’s learning by exploring:

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Field, Mrs Warkup and Mrs Riggs.

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What have we been up to ?


Congratulations to the amazing year six children for raising a fabulous £85.50 for Comic Relief as well as providing the local food bank with some much-needed cereal. We are so proud of your efforts!


Children in Need 2020


We made Egyptian style clay tiles