Year 6

Welcome to year six!

It has certainly been a long time since we were all at school together; we are really looking forward to a challenging but exciting year ahead. It is so lovely to think that we will be back together again, to face this adventure side by side, welcoming the changes and returning to the reassurance of familiar school routines.

Understandably, we will share some nerves about the year ahead but just know that we have confidence that you will be fantastic role models, inspiring and motivating the rest of the school to be the best they can be.

Team year six – Let’s do this!

Mrs Field, Mrs Warkup and Mrs Riggs.

Year 6 Preview Learning: Week Commencing 19th October 2020

This week in English, we will be continuing our unit on biographies, consolidating the features of biographical texts.

We will also be extending our skills of editing and publishing by writing a ‘perfect’ version.

Our spellings for the week are words ending in –able:

  • applicable,
  • tolerable,
  • operable,
  • considerable,
  • dependable,
  • comfortable,
  • reasonable,
  • perishable,
  • breakable,
  • fashionable.

In grammar, we will be looking at using fronted adverbials and commas. You may find it helpful to login to and attempt ‘Fronted adverbials A and B.’ You could also take a look at BBC bitesize:

There are no set comprehension questions for this week, but you may wish to look through the two texts we have completed so far and identify the style of questions which you find more difficult.

In maths, we will be starting a unit of work on fractions.  We will be looking at how to simplify fractions and find equivalents.  We will also be looking at ordering fractions with different denominators.


You can support your child’s learning by exploring page 19 questions 2 and 4 and page 20 question 3, in your maths workbook.  There are also helpful videos and activities on BBC bitesize:



Many thanks for your continued support, Mrs Field.

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What have we been up to ?

We made Egyptian style clay tiles