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one strange morning and how pupils were involved

with the investigations


At Burghfield St Mary’s we create a caring Christian learning environment that inspires
each individual in the school community to fulfil their unique potential and become a
responsible, concerned and active member of God’s world

Everyday our children, in years 3-6, spend 15mins jogging or walking in the fresh air.  Certificates are awarded for every 25miles completed.

Mission Statement

Our school aims are to:

  • Provide a religious education encompassing the Christian foundation of the school
  • and understanding, recognising and celebrating other faiths.
  • Enable every child to learn to understand their responsibilities and rights within the
  • ]wider community and become a responsible world citizen
  • Provide an education that gives equal value to the academic, creative, physical and
  • spiritual well being of every person within the school community
  • Enable each pupil to develop spiritual awareness and aesthetic appreciation of, and
  • respect of the environment
  • Provide a safe, supportive and stimulating environment that enables every child to
  • reach their full potential.

                                Welcome from Mr Antony Gallagher, Headteacher